Once Compare Transplant Centers team has laid out the Organ Allocation rules and framework under which the transplant centers operate, dozens of people have been given the strategic methodology to maximize their position to getting a liver sooner, before they become deathly ill.

Lisa L. from Texas says:

CTC empowered us in making the most important decisions of our life. Because of Mariel’s kind support and encouragement we finally feel hopeful in what seemed like a dizzying array of information. CTC gave us helpful hints that you can only receive from someone who’s “been there,” detailed data and a way to continue this frightful journey on our own. Our main goal is to make the right choices to give our son the very best chance for survival. CTC provided transplant center information within our home state and nearby states and educated us on the life-saving merits of comparing transplant centers and multi-listing. We can now say with confidence that we have been given the appropriate information and tools to do everything in our power to help our son receive a liver transplant. From the bottom of our hearts, we are forever grateful to CTC.

Steve H. from Florida writes:

I found this site extremely helpful in understanding the OPO and transplant process. It helps clarify geographically my options and underscores the importance of 1:1 ratios and surgical success rates.

Steve M. from California says:

Given the current shortage and often long waits for badly-needed and non-compromised livers, it is imperative to improve one’s odds by adopting strategies that CTC’s analytic expertise can help devise. It is nearly impossible to do this kind of analysis on your own. When life is at stake, it is far better to adopt the experience and expertise of CTC in order to maximize one’s chances for survival. Mariel Carr and her team will not disappoint those who are determined to receive intervention, long before MELD scores reach seriously risky levels (25+).