After a free initial phone consultation, gathering facts and necessary details (blood type, liver disease, home zip code and other geographic areas of interest), Compare Transplant Centers will send you a completely tailored report, explaining:

  1. 1. Organ Allocation Policy
  2. 2. MELD
  3. 3. Blood Type
  4. 4. Regions
  5. 5. Transplant Center:OPO, the ideal ratio
  6. 6. Living Donor
  7. 7. Multi-listing
  8. 8. Multi-listing in other OPOs and Regions
  9. 9. Support for your Liver Disease
  10. 10. Resources
  11. 11. Helpful Hints
  12. 12. What to Ask When You Get “The Call”
  13. 13. What to Pack for a Transplant Surgery
  14. 14. Bibliography

Based on your situation, Compare Transplant Center will also tailor a comparative and detailed spreadsheet, especially for your situation, based on strategic transplant centers which are within driving distance. Or we can canvas any/all geographic areas in which you desire more detailed information on its centers.

Here’s a partial snippet of the comparative report:

We’ll finish with a comprehensive discussion together, highlighting each of the transplant centers with strategic advantages, including pairings with other excellent centers to double and triple your odds of getting a liver well ahead of time.