About Us

So you’ve all heard how Steve Jobs got a liver transplant in Tennessee in 2009. While many people speculated of the medical impact to Apple’s bottom line, I wondered how he did it … how Steve Jobs figured out where to strategically go to find a liver quick.

You see, my husband was waiting for a liver for 5 long years; he was diagnosed with PSC liver disease 9 years before that. Our family missed the real him; he was sick and tired all the time. But as the years dragged on, with our preschoolers now teenagers, I grew sick and tired of waiting to resume a normal life. To us, my husband was the Steve Jobs of our family, an incredible human being worth trying to find Liver 2.0 in order to save him. No matter how it ended, I wanted to look our three children in the eye and be able to tell them that Mom did everything she knew possible to save Dad.

It took many months, but I used all the government websites out there and compiled my own personal spreadsheet to methodically and strategically compare US transplant centers suitable for us. Besides our home transplant hospital, we multi-listed at 3 other centers and over the course of 5 months, he got 4 different calls for transplant:

  • One liver we declined at the onset due to its high risk nature.
  • One liver was deemed not viable after 12 hours at the hospital.
  • My husband was called in to be #2 for another liver, then it was determined #1 was too ill for surgery so he became the new #1. Unfortunately another transplant center in the same OPO had a sicker person so the liver was given to them.
  • Finally, the 4th call was the magical one from one of our multi-listed centers.

He got the Gift of Life in August 2012. It is no doubt in our minds that these analytics helped us become more strategic and proactive to clinch a great outcome. His Liver 2.0 is doing wonderfully and we have a sweeter, more beautiful life, taking nothing for granted. I wish this for all my transplant compadres.